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Job seeker application

Started by Topchannel92 2022-07-24 at 17:14
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(Warning! Spontaneous self-application from job seeker)

My name is Alessandro, I am 29 years old, born in Bari (in region Puglia in Italy), residing in Cassano delle Murge (province of Bari), graduated in the hotel sector.
I have had experience in catering precisely as a waiter for 1/2 years in restaurants and hotels and having ambition for video games, social media and advertising I choose to change profession by entering the category of advertising and social media and maybe build and learn perspectives and projects that concern it.
I currently have a YouTube channel covering video games, ASMR sounds and some foreign unreleased movie scenes and I intend to grow my channel as well as take up the advertising and social media industry.
Now I don't know if to be a social media manager it would be necessary to have a master's degree, a course or something like that because honestly I'm running into the do-it-yourself (personal from home self-coding) to get to know the world of social media and advertising.
I already use several advertising sites even if with what I make a little maybe I exploit for other things because the gain does not derive from a full time or a part time, but much less.
I am looking for work of this kind.
I would like some advice on the social media manager sector on how to get in from the basics.
I hope to have some future possibilities for this sector waiting for an answer, thank you.

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