Frequently Asked Questions
What is Adzbazar? is an international online advertising platform.
Our service is like an advertising hub where advertisers can reach the whole world with a small marketing budget and increase their sales while our members can earn cash for browsing our advertiser's websites.
In short, we serve as a bridge between advertisers and potencial customers.
To start earning you need to Register a Free Account and View Advertisements.
Keep coming back every day and your daily earning will grow higher and higher.
2. When and how will I get paid?
Your earnings will be sent to your payment account shortly after you request the withdrawal.
All withdrawals for upgraded members are processed instantly, For free members (didn't made any investment) the payment will be processed within 24 hours, the minimum payout is $2.00. Standard members also require to accumulate cashout points, you can earn them fast and easy with offers and Bonus ads.
3. How can I earn?
The primary income source is stems from the viewing of ads. In the following table, we have presented the amount of money you can earn depending on: the type of the ad you view and clicks of your referrals.
Your clicks Standard Golden Platinum Ultimate
Mega Ads $0.020 $0.030 $0.040 N/A
Standard Ads $0.010 $0.015 $0.02 N/A
Macro Ads $0.005 $0.075 $0.010 N/A
Mono Ads $0.002 $0.003 $0.004 N/A
Mini Ads $0.0010 $0.0015 $0.0020 N/A
Micro Ads $0.0005 0.00075 0.0010 N/A
Nano Ads $0.0002 0.0003 0.0004 N/A
BazarAds $0.0025 $0.010 $0.020 N/A
Fixed Ads 15 Seconds $0.0010 $0.0010 $0.0010 N/A
Fixed Ads 10 Seconds $0.0005 $0.0005 $0.0005 N/A
Direct Referrals Standard Golden Platinum Ultimate
Mega Ads $0.001 $0.005 $0.010 N/A
Standard Ads $0.0005 $0.0025 $0.0050 N/A
BazarAds $0.0005 $0.0025 $0.0050 N/A
Fixed Ads 7.5% 10% 11% N/A
Upgrade Commision None $0.50 $1.00 N/A
Ads Purchase Commision None 3% 5% N/A
Rented Referrals Standard Golden Platinum Ultimate
Mega Ads $0.00075 $0.0010 $0.0011 N/A
Standard Ads $0.00075 $0.0010 $0.0011 N/A
BazarAds $0.00075 $0.0010 $0.0011 N/A
Fixed Ads $0.00075 $0.0010 $0.0011 N/A
4. What is a referral?
Referrals are users like you who have joined Adzbazar, however they also earn money for you when they view advertisements. There are two types of referrals: Direct and Rented.
Rented Referrals Monthly AutoPay
0 - 250 $0.15 $0.0045
251 - 500 $0.16 $0.0048
501 - 750 $0.17 $0.0051
751 - 1000 $0.18 $0.0054
1001 - 1250 $0.19 $0.0057
1251 - 1500 $0.20 $0.0060
1501 - 1750 $0.21 $0.0063
more than 1750 $0.22 $0.0066
The renewal price is based on the rental prices shown above and you can benefit from the following discounts depending on the renewal period you choose:
15 days 30 days 60 days 90 days 150 days 240 days 365 days
- 5% 10% 18% 25% 30% 35%
Recycling cost for your referrals: we have the cheapest prices for Recycling Referrals, for replacing inactive rented referrals for new active ones, the price is varies according to each membership, when any rented referral become inactive, you can recycle the referral for a new rented referral for as low as 2 cent. Check the table below for more details about Recycle prices:
Standard Golden Platinum Ultimate
3 cents 2 cent 2 cent N/A
5. What is AutoPay?
AutoPay is one way to extend your referrals automatically.
If you've AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep him for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won't pay him for another day.
In other words, you'll pay one day in advance to your referral's due date.
AutoPay is also cheaper for you because you save 10% of a whole month's rent.
The value for each referral/day will be deducted from your purchase balance.
6. How do I advertise?
To start advertising your product and service you need to Register a Free Account.
Log into your account and click on Advertiser and choose the advertising packs that suit you best.

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