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A new feature to manage your rented referrals easier

Started by agony554 2019-06-19 at 04:13
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Hi members,

Today we have introduced a new feature to manage your rented referrals easier!

You will find Rented Referral settings in your dashboard, in there you'll be able to set several new things.

1. You can set rented referrals to auto extend, by how many days and the minimum days before a rented referral would expire and to pay from the balance of your choice as well!
2. You also can set autopay from here, but what is new: you can set from which balance you want to pay the autopay fee!

We hope you like these new features and make managing your rented referrals a little easier.

Click here to find all out about this new feature.

Dutchdolphin & agony

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