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Bonus ad contest #2

Started by agony554 2018-10-12 at 23:28
Clicker (Level 1)
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Hi dear members,

From 13th October 0:00 till 26 October 23:59 there will be a Bonus ad contest with some real nice prizes to archive.
Top 10 members who clicked the most bonus ads will receive an extra bonus over their Bonus Ad earnings up to 10x !!

You will find the leader board from your account panel, from the ads page and here.
Do not miss a sinly day clicking the bonus ads and happy earnings to all of you.

Best regards,
DutchDolphin & Agony554
Newbee (Level 0)
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Good to see there are contests like these, need to stay updated and active so I don't miss next ones.
I might be late to compete for this one.

Anyway, keep them coming!
Clicker (Level 1)
Posts: 217
There is notifications in your account page and in the ads page, how do you miss them?

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